Frequently Asked Questions


What if I want to combine two drawings that are different than what the Draw page gives me?

You have several options:

  1. Click the blue randomizer icon to get two different random drawings.
  2. Click in the input box below the drawing you want to change, delete the text in the box, and type in the name of the drawing you would like to use. Your drawing will automagically appear, or you will be able to choose it by clicking your desired drawing's name in the menu that appears below the input.
  3. If there's a drawing you see on Scribbls that you would like to combine with something else, click the "Add to This" link found off to the right side of the drawing.
happy sun, happy sky, happy grass

We don't want our drawings to look like this, and that's why we don't have flood fill, different pencil sizes, or a ton of color choices.

How do I get my outcomes onto the Community Heart Beat?

Outcomes drawn by our community move from the Newest page to the Community Heart Beat based on a mysterious mathematical formula divined by ancient saucerors. We asked the most ancient-est and longest bearded sauceror of them all for advice about getting onto the Heart Beat, and he said, "Raspberry sundae!" Which we can only assume means he has gone senile.

We'll give you our advice instead: Create outcomes that get lots of hearts. Invite your friends to join Scribbls, and guilt them into hearting your stuff. Community members with a higher average number of hearts per outcome are more likely to see their drawings reach the Heart Beat.

Why doesn't the pencil come in other sizes? Where's my flood fill? Can I have a million colors?

Pencils pretty much only come in one size when you're drawing on paper in real life. We actually had different pencil sizes and flood fill for a while, but we HATED what it made us draw. We're trying to keep things simple. MS Paint can be fun, but we're more used to doodling in our notebooks while not paying attention during class and work meetings. That's the experience we're trying to recreate on Scribbls.

I saw an orange drawing. Why can't I draw with orange?

Orange was part of a special contest we first ran in October 2008. Six lucky people won the contest and now get to use orange whenever they want. We've run the contest every October since.

Follow us on Twitter or look for contest announcement notes on the Scribbls Heart Beat. It would probably be wise to check back this October in particular.

How do I unlock the color green?

Unlocking green is very easy! Just invite a friend to join you on Scribbls.

The best part is that your friend will be green with envy since you will now be drawing with green and they will not. (Well, at least not until they invite somebody, too.)

My drawing is gone. Why did it get deleted?

The best rule of thumb is "don't be a jerk," but here are some good guidelines to follow if you don't want your drawings deleted:

  1. Follow the Terms of Use. You agree to them by using the site.
  2. A plus B should equal C. Correct: Ninja + Monkey = NinjaMonkey. Wrong: Ninja + Monkey = RobotBear
  3. Draw a picture of something. Don't draw handwritten words. For example, draw a monkey (even a lousy one) instead of drawing out the word "monkey."
  4. Don't draw "monkey1" or "monkey2" just because "monkey" is already drawn. Seriously, be a little more creative.
  5. Don't name your drawing "asdfjkl" or any other kind of keyboard mashing. Give your drawing a meaningful name. Word of advice: Anything that isn't English tends to look like keyboard mashing to our moderators.
  6. Don't draw a bunch of random scribbly lines instead of a real drawing. We don't care if it is ironic that you'll get banned for scribbling on a site called Scribbls.
  7. Don't use the proper name of a person that a stranger wouldn't know. You can use somebody famous like Abraham Lincoln, but don't name a drawing after Milfred Finkel from your astronomy class.
  8. Don't include anybody else's personal information. No addresses. No phone numbers. No emails. Etc.
  9. No hate speech. Your "funny" or "satirical" use of a racial slur or stereotype is probably hateful and offensive. The line is completely subjective, and you don't get to decide. Tough shit—if you "go there," you'll have to deal with any consequences.
  10. Don't do anything illegal.

If you break these rules repeatedly your drawing privileges may be suspended, or you may be banned from the site.

Why can't I redraw the ninja / pirate / monkey / turd / …?

If we let everybody draw their own ninja or pirate or whatever the site would be more complex and therefore less fun. This website isn't about who can draw the best ninja, it's about inventing new combinations of two different drawings. It would be really lame if you had to choose from 50 different ninja drawings every time you wanted to draw an outcome using ninja plus something else.

Why can't I delete my own drawings after I save them?

The whole point of Scribbls is to add on to previous drawings. If you delete your drawing, we'd have to delete everything everybody else drew using your drawing. That would be like deleting Star Wars after they filmed the movie Space Balls. And hey, don't worry, if you break the rules or submit something that is total crap the moderators will probably delete it before anybody can make fun of you.


Do you support languages other than English?

Not exactly. We cherish participation and equality, but the fact of the matter is most of our users speak English, and more importantly, most of the moderators can't read anything else. If we can understand it, we will probably leave it, but everything else is going to get deleted. Of course, the irony here is that the people who need to be reading this probably can't.

Dudez0rz, your site is totally b0rk3d! (Your site broke, what do I do?)

Please, pretty please, with sugar on top, tell us what happened using our bug report form.

Can you, like, make your site do ___________? I, like, totally, like, want that feature! Like, OMG!

Ask nicely, and we'll see what we can do.

What's with the number next to my user name?

Just like the Stonecutters, we've looked deep within your soul and assigned you a number based on the order in which you joined.

Are you going to publish or spam my email?

Is it secret? Is it safe? Don't worry, we're better than Frodo when it comes to protecting your ring... err, email address.

Who made this?

Scribbls was created by Watermelon Sauce LLC.

Question not answered? Send us an email.